Issue in measure of data

Suvankar Saha 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 8 years ago 4

We are trying to capturing data in "measure group" of iQAN mc2 & mdl2. We kept both the controller in "B" (master Bus). We kept diagnostics in "A". CAN communication terminate frequently, during data capture. Can anybody suggest the possible solution?

Can this be because of different cycle times in the master modules?

I sometimes see drops in the graphs when using measurement groups or when looking at a measurement of a running machine in IQAN Design (since version 4).

How big is the measure group? Big measure groups consume a lot of bandwidth on CAN, especially if the measure group contains items from multiple masters. Consider dividing the measure group into multiple smaller groups.

We had tried using only one parameter also.

What communication interface are you using on the PC? Are you using CAN directly on the diagnostics bus that connect the MDL2 and MC2, or are you using USB connected to either the MDL2 or MC2?

What is the error message you get on the PC?

Do you see any "No contact" messages on the MDL2 display or in the MC2 log? This would indicate an interruption of the diagnostic messages between the MDL2 and MC2.

To me it sounds as if there may be an issue with signal quality that is causing the interruption, either on the diagnostic CAN bus, or if you are using USB to the PC, on that.