Problem with Program Installation with IQANGO through iPhone

Walter 8 months ago in IQANgo 0

Good morning,

I have a problem with  program installation with IQANGO through iPhone, first of all the version of my program is ...

Image 4012

These are the enabled access...

Image 4013

This is the IQan Go's version ...

Image 4014

So the problem is while I was trying to connect through Bluetooth to the system (figure 3), through IQanGo app. I was able to connect and log in correctly to the system.  

Image 4016

When I was trying to send the program to the system, IQanGo request to me to log in again, so after I introduce the username and the password(figure 1) , the program send me a message that the password is not correct(figure 2). And then I got stuck in that step, and I'm not be able to install the program into the system. Please I need help with this problem.

Image 4017

                                                                  (Figure 1)

Image 4018

                                                                       (Figure 2)

Image 4015

(Figure 3)