Variant projects are not reliable, check project systematic crashes the application, no compare file option available

OLIVIER CÔTÉ 6 months ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 month ago 3

*****IMPORTANT ! Do not touch to IQAN 7 variant projects before a serious update ! ***** Current crashing version:

Not even a "Warning pop-up" like : you will never could get back to normal project if you save as:

The time you switch to variant project, even if you delete those variant variables, you won't be able to come back to a standard project.

The problem is that this is not ready for using ! ****YOU MIGHT GET SYSTEMATIC IQAN design 7 APPLICATION CRASH **** on "project check" since I switch to Variant project and there is also no way to use the file compare to back track all my changes to go back to a "normal project".

Thanks in advance for developper team to give a following to this serious issue :

-1) Give at least possibility to switch back to a standard projects .idax type when variant variables are not used

-2) Correct stability of the check project crashes

-3) Make possible the compare function between any kind of project type (.idax, idsx, idvx)

Image 4044Crashing Pop-up

Image 4045Save as limited options for idvx file format

Image 4046Save as options for idax file format

Image 4047Crashing version


The crash you had is being fixed in version 7.01

I saw you had a reply on this already, but for anyone else reading here: 

It happens when an option group is defined without defining any variants. If you have defined variants make sure that you have an active variant selected in the dropdown next to the add button.

Save variant project as regular project after removing variants is also coming in 7.01


Crash was fixed in 7.01.

Save variant as regular project implemented in 7.01.

Compare variants planned for 7.03.