Linear Bar Image

Brandon Delgado 6 months ago in IQANdesign updated 6 months ago 2

Is it possible to add an image or indicator to the linear bar? I would like to put a dot on the end of the sliding bar for better visibility. for example, in the image below I would like that red ellipse to move with the end of the bar.

Image 4062


You can insert a line and increase the thickness of the line to give you a similar looking end point in the image above. This line can then be driven by the X1 and X2 - this can be a math channel. 

Image 4069

Simply drive the math channel controlling X1 and X2 coordinates based on the value of the bar graph channel. Note some math will have to be added to convert from % driver for the bar into pixel movement on the X1 and X2 (it will be offset by some pixels depending on where the bar graph is located on the screen).

Image 4070

Image 4071

Image 4072

Many thanks, I was able to apply the above solution to an image so that it follows the end of the linear bar. I did not realize that the pixel placement of an image/object could be dynamically assigned by a channel! This is very useful.