IQANRun does not execute the script if executing from command line

Jussi Haapanen 6 months ago in IQANrun updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 months ago 3

I am evaluating IQAN and am using the Fine Control example project with a simulator. I am trying to run an IQANscript script to fetch the logs from the simulator. Running the script works if I manually select it from the IQANrun user interface but when I run it on command line interface

.\IQANrun.exe -cif Simulator -send "Path\To\Script.issx"

The software will start and connect to the simulator but will not execute the script. I was wondering if this is caused by the evaluation version or are the command line interface parameters incorrect?

SW versions






The command line arguments look wrong. 

When using -send, the filename must be a file that can be sent to the system, a project .idax, clone .ircx or settins .irsx file. 

For executing a script via command line, omit the -send argument.


That was the cause. Thank you very much!