IQANdesign 4.02 released

Gustav Widén (System support) 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Frank GUO 8 years ago 1

Highlighted features

IQAN-SV camera

Image 343

Support IQAN-SV camera on both C3 and C4 is implemented.

Now it is possible to connect an IQAN-SV camera also on the IQAN-MD4 C3 connector. For applications with two cameras, this eliminates the need for using an Ethernet switch.

Cropping to smaller size

Default Width and Height on the video control is the selected video feed dimensions, now smaller dimensions can be selected too. The camera feed will be centered in video control when cropped.

Image 342

Automatically use single camera, If one and only one IQAN-SV camera exists in the application, the first camera discovered will be used.

This eliminates the need for having to selecting the camera in the MD4 menu system when o

Support for multiple video controls per camera is implemented. There is still a limitation of maximum one video control per IQAN-SCcamera per display page, meaning that it is not possible to show e.g. two different sizes of video feed from the same camera on the same page.

Add option to keep function inspector open

With 4.00, the function inspector was automatically minimized when selecting channels without function, now there is a pin icon/button in the function inspector to keep it open all the time.

Image 341

IQAN-MD4 PDF reader

Indicate when dialog box is active in PDF reader

Image 345

Added visual feedback to PDF reader when a dialog message is active. The exit button in the upper right corner will be permanently shown with a flashing red background.

Show a "PDF Loading" message


Important problems solved

It is recommended to update IQAN-MD4 applications to 4.02, two problems that exists in earlier versions have been solved:

MD4 blue-screen or freeze on splash screen at startup This could happen intermittently during startup in some applications.

MD4: Bluescreen with message touchdriver has HB WARNING HIGH

This could happen intermittently in runtime, stopping the application.

For all master modules, this release also solves two issues with logs that exist in 4.00 and 4.01:

Incorrect values in statistics log Statistics log items could be reset to zero at startup.

Inputs on expansion module were logged as "Not evaluated" upon startup. This happended e.g. on VIN, in applications where the expansion module enable was not controlled by a channel.

For more details, see release notes: