Remote assistance timeout

Theleo De Bruyn 6 months ago in IQANconnect updated 6 months ago 3

Hi there!

I've got a problem that recently popped up. I use the option "Remote assistance" in IQANgo regularly. But today i had some issues using this.

The Phone (both android and iphone) connects to the machine and server with no problem. Both via G11 and G12 also WIFI and 4G. This phone also shows its online state in the "Connect via internet"  in both IQANdesign and IQANrun. but when connecting it shows an error: "Remote confirmation timeout". I've still got 5 licenses left.

Any idea what went wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Image 4115

Image 4116

Remote confirmation timeout relates to the property Allow remote connection

Image 4117

If this is set to Ask user (default), and the operator does not acknowledge the connection on the display on time, you will see Remote confirmation timeout.


I'm so sorry. Had everything enabled except that one. So sorry I placed it under " Bugs". Never had this happen before in any other program. Thank you for the quick response!