multiple simulink top models

hongxiang yu 5 months ago in IQAN toolbox for Simulink updated 5 months ago 6

Does the IQANdesign only allow to add one simulink model in application ? I got an error "multiple simulink top models" when two simulimk modes were added in application.

Have any limitation aboout generated .ism file size or how many inside function block levels in IQANdesign ?

I was successful add a simulink model into IQAN but IQAndesign is always crashed when I try to make one more function in the model. No special error during converting to ism file. (I am using IQANdesign 6.08 version) 

There may be multiple .ism files added to a project file, but each MC4x module can only have one. The solution is just to add multiple sub models to the top level model. 

There are of course size limitations on the generated code (see IQAN Toolbox for Simulink) , but this should not cause a crash in IQANdesign. 

Was the crash you had in IQANdesign or in IQANsimulate? 

We recently saw an IQANsimulate crash resulting from unsupported value types on testpoints. With IQANdesign 6 this can go unnoticed until you simulate, it is detected by IQANdesign 7.01.

My IQANdesign is crashed not IQANsimulate. I generated ism file is not avaliable simulate format.
Below are ism files what I made that I can't conclude what is IQANdesign6.08 crash root cause. File 12 size to smaller than 11_1 but it is also crash when I try to add it into SIMULINK MODELS. 

I will try to upload the bug report.

Image 4119

Thanks for sending the IQANdesign crash report, hopefully that will show what the problem is.

Regarding file size, the .ism file size includes data that is not sent to target, for example the images generated for documentation. 

To see the actual size that is used on target, you can check project statistics: 

Image 4121

Ok. Thanks

I saw available simulink model size was 19 kb in project statistics.  Unavailable simulink models did not a lot of changes from it.

After checking the crash report "EOutOfResources", it is related to Windows resources. 

It might be that IQANdesign has a problem when rendering the images generated for documentation. 

Try un-ticking "Generate webview" in the build options. 


Yes, It is Ok if un-ticking"Generate webview" .