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Communication error

A DOMS 6 months ago updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 6 months ago 4

I have still lot of problem with IQANrun 7.01

I can't connect with IQANrun 7 to a machine that had a 5 or 6 version programme.
I have this error :

Image 4112

And when I connect with the computer of my technicien, I can connect but if I try to get a clone, after few minutes it doesn't work and it shut down the main calculator :

Image 4110

If I try again, I have this :

Image 4111

I could update the soft with IQANrun 6 to put a 7 versus to the MC43, but I can"t connect with IQANrun7...

Still the first error message.

Sorry but a lot of problem with this last version of IQAN 7.

Is there a way to save an IQANdesign7 project to IQANdesign 6 ?

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This was first posted in IQANrun 7.00 - Bugs report / Software / IQAN, moved to a separate topic as this one seems to be about IQANdesign as well. 

I'm confused by the first part of this post, where it says "I can't connect with IQANrun 7 to a machine that had a 5 or 6 version programme." but shows a printscreen of an IQANdesign popup with socket error. 

Did you have IQANdesign 7 connected to the system before trying to connect IQANrun? 

The second part is clearly on IQANrun as it shows a get clone operation. 

But it seems something is also happening with the controller, "it shut down the main calculator". 

Do you mean the MC43[0] stops its application? What does it show as a blink code?

What SW version is in the MC43s ? 

The last dialog box with Incomplete system does indicate that the MC43[0] has stopped responding. 

I think I understand the first message Error socket #10061.

I'm not sur, but I think my IQAN app was set to communicate with a simulator, and no simulator was open.

I think this is my problem and I didn't saw it because the error message doesn't explain the problem.

My bad for this subject.

For the second problem, I have it since the beginnig that I use IQAN7.

Each time I try to get a clone, the main calculator shut down and I have to restart the machine.

On the main calculator I have 4 red + 3 yellow.

Image 4122

and on the second calculator I have 3 red + 1 yellow

Image 4123

It's not the same machine, but the same problème :

Image 4124


Thank you, that explains the IQANdesign communication error. 

For the the critical stop blink that starts with 4 red and 3 yellow will also be followed by a longer sequence, that could shed some more light. 

But I think I know what it is. I see from the module info that you have 7.00 in the module, and in version 7.01 there is a fix for a problem with the exact same symptoms; an MC4 critical stop when getting clone. See release notes case 59386.