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is it possible to use the value of the Simulink Test Point Channels in iQan? Or is it nessecary to create an Output port to use the value? Or a workaround maybe without changing the Simulink Function Group?

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To use a value from the model in a channel, it needs to be an out port. 

Test ports can be used in measure groups. 

A question about iQanScript related to this. I can measure/display the Simulink Test Point Channels in a script page but not manipulate them I think? Is that a correct assumption?

Yes, the test points can be measured with the same "measure channel" script action that one uses for channels.

To manipulate something from a script, you need adjust items for adjustable/stored channels in the application. 

A small additional question: is it possible to send the value of a test point with a CAN message (without manipulating it)? Maybe with a workaround I cannot think of…

CAN messages are configured in IQANdesign, using e.g. the JPOUT and JFOUT channels. 

To make a value from the Simulink model available in the IQAN application you need to have an out port for it.