4.02 Gripe list

Michael Carlyle 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 8 years ago 9

1) the Splash screen does not show up at startup (Black screen shows instead)

2) when trying to load a new MD4 I get a message to load 3.7 or higher first before 4.02 program will load - this should not be required on a new MD4.

Under review

For the logo on startup, I have tried in with a few different applications, and normally the startup image is showing up as long as it is within the dimensions of the screen. The startup image does not look at display orientation property, so there seems to be a problem showing a full-size image in portrait mode. Perhaps this is the reason?

For the dialog saying that you need 3.17 or higher, we made some preparations already in version 3 to be able to upgrade to version 4. Unfortunately, the introduction of this in production was late, so we were still building with 3.16 as late as in March. For now, one would need to do it as a two stage process, first sending a blank 3.17, 3.18 or 3.18 to the MD4, and then sending the actual application in 4.02.

I will try cropping the picture file to make it slightly smaller and let you know. Thanks!

Yes - it won't display properly in portrait mode - if I load in a small enough image it comes up but displays landscape. Will this be fixed (as it used to work properly in Iqan 3.XX)?

The two stage loading process is OK (not ideal) at the factory loading stage. If a new MD4 was sent to the field - this may be a problem as the tech may not have an older file to load..

I rotated the startup splash screen left 90° and that seems to work in the short term.

The change that affect the startup image in portrait mode is from version 4.00, the way the startup image is handled was rewritten, to avoid showing the Parker logo when updating the software. Case 26887 "Avoid showing Parker logo when updating MD4 application".

The workaround to rotate the image 90° left works. One issue with the workaround is that IQANdesign will show a Warning for "Image is too big".

There's no note in the 4.02.14 about having to have 3.15 or later loaded before loading 4.02. Has this been updated or is there a planned update date? It is taking a long time to load machines on the line having to load both operating systems.

The solution will be that MD4:s are shipped from production with version 3.19. Unfortunately, there was a delay in implementing this in production, version 3.19 was not implemented in our production until March.

All MD4:s produced with SN 1617280001 and later are loaded with version 3.19

Before this, version 3.16 was used.


Problem with startup screen in portrait mode has been fixed in IQANdesign 4.04.