variant files issues

chuck streb 5 months ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 4 months ago 4

Issues with variants.

1. no examples !!!  so i tried

2. It wasn't working, lots of errors, so i backed out

version 6 shows no errors, version 7 is litter with errors on same code

3. not sure how to make a variant i copied and pasted to create a new variant

Image 4126

Image 4127

errors remain, they are now in every file i open.

I have to go back to version 6 to continue work.

IQANdesign 7 no longer functions on anything related to this project

i exported to an idax, all the errors came with it


You do have an example in the fork lift folder

Fork Lift MD4-7 variant project

For the project check error on the lines where it says Invalid expression (component name not unique), is this version 7.00 or 7.01?

Are those components from Event logs? 

There might be an explanation that is not actually related to variants.