Lose ability to scale and zoom measure files when saved and opened later

705David 4 months ago in IQANrun updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 months ago 4

When you first take a trend using measure in IQANRun 7.01, you have access to a menu with the features:

- Show status bar

- Zoom to extend

- Auto Scale Split

- Auto Scale Join 

- View Cursor Range

- Comment

This menu goes away when you open a measure file that was saved. This makes analyzing measure files later very difficult.

Yikes, looks like you found a lot of things regarding measure files in this post and your others. Can you open the measure file in an older version of IQANrun that still has all the working features?

Hi Chris,

Yes, when I open the files in IQANRun 6.08 all of the above mentioned features work.

I did not see a thread relating to this in the IQAN Forum so I posted it in hopes it will be fixed soon.


The menu button was (unintentionally) hidden. Will be fixed. 


With IQANrun 7.02, the menu button for this is visible.