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Log error code 1:40

Marcel 3 months ago in IQANdesign updated 2 months ago 14

Is there a list of the error codes that can appear?

I have 'Error Log 1:40'.

No idea why...

Error messages that are related to channels or modules are listed in the status table in the Channels chapter in the IQANdesign user manual. 

This one that is specific to a log is (briefly) explained in the Logs chapter. 

Image 4139

What module type is the log located on? 

From the log name and module name shown on the message it should be possible to see which module it is from.

What software version is the system running? 

The "Error Log 1:40" is a write error. The exact code is there to help the designers pinpoint where an error occurred. 


I use a MD4-5 and MC41 with iQan Design 7.01. The log is on the MC41. Serial number is: 2215230154

I got a picture from a colleague with another error message. Same system. 

Image 4141

I see this in the log after downloading:

Image 4148

Or when I try to view in iQanRun:

Image 4150

Just some more info, maybe it helps to pinpoint the issue. After looking at the log I see a lot of unknown messages. After going back to the mainscreen a saw the below (new) errorcode.

I'm using my testsetup now and also get the errors on this system. So same setup (MD4-5 & MC41), but other hardware.

Image 4167

Image 4168

Could I try to go back to a previous iQanDesign version to see if the problem has to do with iQanDesign version? I'm a bit stressed for time...

I don't think that a change of SW version will resolve the issue. It looks like the log has been corrupted. The contents of the log is retained when changing SW version. 

You could try clearing it from IQANrun. If that does not work, sSending an application with a different Project ID will for sure clear the log. (but also all your settings, so you might want to take a backup before trying that)

I tried as you said, but unfortunately I got the 1:40 back. I cleared all the logs, send a different project and then the right project again. After half a day (approx.) I got the 1:40.

I use 210 parameters which can be added to the log. 

I use the following ways to add them. Could I do something else/better here?

Or what could cause these errors? I'm happy to try anything.

Image 4185

Image 4188

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The log error seems to be related to high utilization.

I am able to reproduce this log error on an MC4 with high application cycle utilization in combination with also running code from a Simulink model. 

Ok, that's good if you can reproduce. What is the next step? Or what can I do?

I recommend that you measure what the application cycle utilization of the MC41 application is. Maybe you can do something to reduce this. 

As you probably know, I had some contact with our local iQan Specialist. Is there any news after my tests and info? Version 7.02 has no solutions for this issue?