J1939 JPOUT fault property

Rick 8 years ago in IQANdesign 0

Another J1939 related suggestion. For incoming CAN traffic, JPIN blocks have a "J1939 error check" property. I assume this will set the value to 0 (or as defined in "error value") when the value is marked faulty by giving it a high value (11 for 2 bits, 1110 for 4 bits, 0xFE for bytes, et cetera). J1939 states that, besides sending out DM1, erroneous values should be marked with that high value.

But I'm missing the same property for outgoing traffic. Would be nice if JPOUTs have a "fault active" property that can be linked to another digital block. Now I have to make an extra math block in between, and can't utilize the built-in "Offset / Scale" properties.