variables used to name files

Nathan Depcik 3 months ago in IQANscript updated 3 months ago 2

could IQANscript support using variables to name files for "script report" and "save variables". I have tried surrounding the variable with percentage signs and it treats it as a character. 

this can be useful for users to rename the files to unique names such as the Machine ID and be able to store it without needing to rename it after.

An alternative approach you could take is to use the variable to set output folder for the report

Image 4243

hi Gustav,

this is a workaround that could work however, this creates a lot more clutter when working with a high number of units. since this creates folders within folders. but if we were able to name the file as a variable we can determine the location for it to be stored without an extra folder. since we are currently just wanting the report of the setup and the configuration file.