Unassigned iqandesign 7

Dave 3 months ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 months ago 1

So I am totally new to this. I  used the Tools drop down to add some signals from the CAN j1939 database, seems to show the signals I expect and I can see them in my project, can use them etc etc. However it says they are 'unassigned'. Searching shows lots of ways to 'assign' them for all sorts of older versions of IQAN which dont appear relevant in IQAN 7 - for example I cant find the 'application logic' screen apparently in 6.03 but have found system layout which allowed me to create a module and drag and dropping from my application window to that seemed to allocate all bar TC1. Any idea why this fairly difficult to find a description of doesnt work for TC1? 

I am sure the system is really good once you get to understand it all, just learning so bear with me while I suffer as I always do with something new  :0

Thanks in advance.


When you have a channel that shows as red in the application view, it is a good to bring up the Project Check to see a description. 

Image 4259

Image 4258

To assign a channel to a module, it must match the module type. For a J1939 channel like the JFOUT you need a J1939 module in the system layout. 

The Examples chapter in the IQANdesign user manual has a step-by-step description.