Why do I get red connecting lines on iqan designer 7

Dave 2 months ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 months ago 2

I dont see any error during a project check, most lines are grey but a couple red.

Oddly it came around, I had an unused value from a can message and deleted it, that set the can message red,  claiming it wasnt connected back to the system layout, no amount of dragging and dropping fixed that, the only option was to delete the whole can message and re-add it. This strikes me as a bug anyway (surely I should be able to remove an unused value without breaking everything - I can add one without breaking everything). But what is the red trying to show me and how can I find out?


Sounds like you are describing calculation order. See notes in the IQAN design manual:

Image 4246

To adjust calculation order, right click in design space and select, then click auto, or manually adjust to your suiting.

Image 4245

Its most likely that when you deleted logic and re-inserted, the calculation order became different, hence why you lost the red lines.

Apparently its a calculation order issue