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skh69nova 4 months ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 months ago 5

After setting up project as variant with Variant Option Select, when I export I receive Invalid Context Error.

Do all channels into a "Variant Option Select" have to have same name for it to work? as that only thing I can come up with after examining those that don't error 

Image 4260

The project check Invalid context is about the channel scope, for example using a channel in a function group where the input isn't available.  

One way to have this project check error is by moving channels between function groups so an input is no longer in scope. 

Image 4263

When exporting variants, the Variant Option Selector is removed and replaced with a reference to the channel it points to in this variant. 

In the printscreen from the application, I see that the VOS has scope function group output. 

When exporting, IQANdesign should then set "propagate output" on the channel it points to for the selected variant. Maybe something has gone wrong here? 

IQANdesign should then set "propagate output" on the channel it points to for the selected variant. Maybe something has gone wrong here?  You are correct this isn't happening.

Well, found the workaround but don't think it's a good option:

1st - Set all inputs to variant select to propagate out:

Image 4272

2nd Add and intermediate math channel and set it to Function Group Output:

Image 4273

While option 2 gives cleaner code, I am concerned about the overhead the extra math channel is inducing, not knowing how optimization occurs.


There was a problem here, fixed in 7.02.31(see release notes)