MC43FS log results not in order or jumbled up?

Kevin 3 weeks ago in IQANrun updated 3 weeks ago 2

We have 12 values being logged every second, and I have downloaded the log to find that every 4 minutes and 15 seconds the time counter resets back to 2 hours and starts counting again at 02:00:00. Weirdly earlier results (an earlier index number) also appears to have the same behaviour around 01:00:00 and then it strangely jumped to 02:00:00. It then continues to go back to 02:00:00 every 4 minutes 15 seconds.

Image 4261

I understand the MC43 does not have a clock and we know start 154 is the information I need to extract, but I would have expected the timer to begin at 00:00:00 and carried on counting up until the ignition was cycled and log stated 'Start 155'.

Can I assume they are all in the correct order based on the index value rather than the time? ie. greater index value = most recent log and timer counting is not relevant?

See below a similar record earlier where it jumps from 01:00:00 to 02:00:00:

Image 4262

The log is set to recycle so can hopefully discount filling up the controller and it not being able to handle the quantity. This log is set to occupy 95% of the log memory.

IQAN 6.08.


There was a problem in 6.08 and 7.00, fixed in IQANdesign 7.01:

59774Wrong timestamp of log records in systems without RTC
In systems without an real-time clock, log records are timestamped with startup count and time since startup. The time part used for the timestamp was invalid in version 6.08 and 7.00. Fixed.

Sort on index to see chronological order. 

Thanks, I will update the system to 7.01.