Unexpected behaviour from PID-regulator

Pierre Fagrell 3 weeks ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 days ago 4

I have a behaviour from the PID-regulator which I don't quite understand. Usually it works as expected but in some situations it ends up in a state where the output is zero even though command and feedback channels are different.

Can you please explain what I'm missing here?

  • Command channel = 100
  • Feedback channel = 32
  • P = 4
  • I = 0
  • D = 0
  • Enable = True
  • Output = 0

Image 4282

Check with Component navigator. Maybe the application you are looking at has channels stacked on top of each other in the function group.

I have checked with component navigator and the components visible are the ones being used. There is nothing underneath.

So far there is only one machine having this problem. If I increase "I-Reg" it never gets stuck, the problem only seems to affect "P regulator".

This is still an issue, do you have any other ideas?

Surely there can't be a bug in the PID-function.

Try send or get application to make sure what you have in the system is what you are measuring on. 

When project ID and component ID match, it is possible to start a measurement in IQANdesign even when there are differences in the application you have open in IQANdesign and the application you have in the system.