Unsupported byte alignment

Dave Hitchman 3 months ago in IQANdesign updated 2 months ago 2

Unsupported byte alignment in J1939xxx.dbc

Signals using Motorola byte order may not span over multiple bytes unless they are byte aligned. These signals have not been imported.

This is an issue, I dont choose where the signals are, nor the byte orders size etc etc etc they are specified by others. Now I am prepared to admit being a software bod that doing some fiddling with non byte aligned integers can be tricky but other applications dont complain about this so perhaps it is time to put some libraries in to cope. 

More over it is certainly a problem that in a database with several dozen signals, maybe more than a hundred just telling me you ditched some without telling me specifically which you ditched makes sorting the mess even harder. 

If you cant fix the byte alignment issues you are having please at least list the problematic signals so we can try and do something about it.

In the Vector DBC tool it is possible to use motorola byte order for parameters spanning over multiple bytes without being byte aligned. This is not possible in IQAN (there is a discussion on this here).

If you try to import such a DBC, you get the error message: 

Image 4328

To see the specific signals, you'll need to open the DBC in another software. 

One thing is strange though, I see you got this from a DBC file named J1939.. 

J1939 is assumed to be Intel, there is no check for this. 

If your signals were imported as JPIN/JPOUT, you should check the 2 and 4 byte parameters you got from this file. 

Thanks, odd, will check they are specified as Intel