Master Module timeout

NEricson 2 months ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 month ago 1

In order to meet CE with my system I have to power up different modules for different operations, this also involves switching between two e-stop switches. I perform that operation with a basic rocker switch. Because of the rocker switch operation, at times there is a VERY brief interruption in power to my main master module (MC43). Normally this doesn't affect the machine but every once in a while I get a no contact on that module. The only way around that is to have my main module set to "Optional" which I would rather not do. Can a timeout be implemented for master modules? I just need it to ignore 1 or 2 cycles during that switch. 

There are a couple of different timeouts you may have. 

If you use APPIN, the timeout is based on the transmit rate of the APPOUT.

If you use JFIN to read JFOUT sent by the other master, the timeout is set on the JFIN. 

If you use JFIN that is located on a J1939 module representing the other master, the J1939 module also has a configurable timeout. 

Then there is also a timeout for the Diagnostics bus. This is a timeout on a heartbeat message. It isn't used for safety, only for showing diagnostic information. It is already quite long, 1000 ms if I recall.