Multiple messages with identical PGN

Alex P 1 month ago in IQANdesign updated by Kerry Brock 1 month ago 1

How do I capture messages in IQANdesign 6 (I can update if required for feature) with the same PGN? I have multiple pumps on one CAN network that feature J1939 style addressing, and each of these pumps has an identical status message in the .dbc file with the exception of their source address - the messages are PDU1 J1939 PGN. I have unsuccessfully tried importing these messages using CAN Generic Frame, but it seems IQANDesign overrides this and reads it as a J1939 Frame In and looks at PGN instead of extended CANID. How can I collect the information for each of these pumps separately in IQANDesign?

For reference, CAN IDs in HEX: 

Pump 1 address = 0x18FF2301x

Pump 2 address = 0x18FF2302x

where PGN is FF23 on both pumps.


For each unique source address you will use a new J1939 module in the system layout.  That is where you identify the source address that a CAN frame is assigned to.