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I have been receiving reports of our service guys having trouble with connecting to our machines via IQANgo. We have seen this message on 3 different phones and 2 different machines. One had a fresh download of the program, another deleted the app and reinstalled it after receiving the error, and the third had the second one try after they received the message.

The first was a customer and the problem cleared after he returned a subsequent day. The second and third are our service guys and have had no issues connecting to other machines. Any ideas on how to fix or avoid this?

IQANgo latest version

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Have they enabled pairing on the master?

If you have a MD4 as the master you enable the pairing in the menu system  System/Modules/Gateway module and then up in the right corner.

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I will have our service department look into this setting on the machines we are experiencing problems with. Is this a recent addition to the program? Is there a setting in IQANdesign to automatically enable pairing? We have been using remote access since IQANsync and the G11 came out and this is the first we have seen this setting. 

Functionality for Bluetooth pairing was added with 6.08 and the G12. 

If you haven't seen the property it is probably set to use the IQAN display menu system to enabling pairing; that is the default in IQANdesign. 

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Thank you. This appears to be the problem, as our service tech found it to be disabled, and was able to connect after it was enabled. Not sure if this is normal or not but when they enabled it, they found that cycling the power disabled it again.