I would like to read certain parameters I will us in my control from a file

Dave Hitchman 2 months ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 months ago 1

I want to be able to use 'constants' in my IQAN read from a file, for example perhaps using the same control system across multiple vehicles but having some vehicles with a lost maximum speed. One way I would use in other systems is a vehicle configuration file to rad the values from. 

I saw the 'variant option selector' which sounded like it might be part way there but it complains it wants n option group and I have no idea how that works never mind if it is the right thing to use

It sounds as if the feature in IQANdesign you need are the adjustable channels, for example Function Parameter channel or Digital Parameter channel. 

You make these adjustable from IQANrun by putting them in adjust groups. The adjusted values for these channels will be part of the Settings for an individual machine.

With a Digital Parameter channel, you could for example enable and disable a Function Group with I/O and functions that isn't installed on all machines. 

To make it easier for production, you could make a script that sets these parameters. 

The project variants is different, it is a way for you to generating different .idax files from a superset of functionality that may be mutually exclusive.