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Extract log from clone file

Ville Laine 2 weeks ago in IQANrun updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 weeks ago 1

I really need to extract logs from the clone file directly to avoid unnecessary trip to customer to try to retrieve just the log file.

I have only clone file with logs because they could get that in the field without IQANRun freezing. 6.08

One log is big and it takes ages to load the clone file in the IQANRun. IQANRun informs many times during opening that it seems that the application is frozen and offers to close it.

I can get the clone file loaded just by continuing the opening even when the IQANRun states that it is frozen.

Same is true when trying to receive log file from the machine in the field. It takes ages and informs multiple times that the application is frozen, but I think if you just push continue it will eventually get the log.

Why it takes soooo long and how do I get the logs out from the clone file?

Under review

Is the log from an MD4?

What is the log size?