variant issues iqndesign

chuck streb 2 months ago in IQANdesign updated 4 weeks ago 7

i check the project it gets to 90% a wait and then a  crash

i am guessing if it cannot get past that it will not upload

i sent all the crashes to parker by answer yes to send it in.

Satisfaction mark by chuck streb 4 weeks ago

Would love to use this feature as we are starting to have variants of our machines.

i exported it, then brought in variant to check project ... it was good

i have not yet uploaded. looks like iqanrun doesn't have ability to upload from variant program *.idvx

and an export is necessary to upload

Under review

Thank you for submitting the crash report via "Send Error Report". 

It looks like it might be an issue we have seen and will have a fix for in a 7.02.x update later this month. 


Quick update after checking here, for this problem you can try reinstalling 7.02.20. It might have been caused by uninstalling another IQANdesign version. 

A proper fix is planned for 7.02.x 


Fixed in 7.02.31

(release notes case 60515)