How to flash idax to MC43 ECU? Do we have any flashing instructions available?

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How do we flash IQANDesign application to ECU? What all hardware connection we need? Do we have any flashing procedure document available?


A lot of people make their harnesses have an M12-D connector wired up to the ETHERNET pins on the module.

Then M12-D connector to RJ45 on the laptop.

Others wire the CANbus pins to a connector, and plug in a G12 bluetooth module.

Then bluetooth program the module via the laptop.

But since there is no programming connector provided, it is up to your harness to provide it.

Thank you for your response. 

We would prefer using only CAN for communication and not ethernet. Could you please let me know the steps to flash using CAN i.e. Canoe? 

Current understanding is:

if we have CAN connected with proper pins and IdTag then from IQANDesign/IQANRun send project will help flash the application to ECU. Is my understanding correct? if not can you please provide some information? 


For sending to an IQAN system, you use the service tool IQANrun

The user manual describe the send operations but it is relatively straight-forward. 

Click Connect and then Send to machine:

Image 4360

To send over CAN, you need to use a CAN adapter that is supported by IQANrun. There is a list of adapters from different vendors here: USB to CAN interfaces / Knowledge base / IQAN

Thank you, Gustav. It was helpful.