Crash when zooming in/out on in page editor

Pierre Fagrell 1 month ago in IQANdesign updated by jan 1 month ago 3

I just had IQANdesign 7.02 crash

I changed to a display page and started to zoom in to see the text better

Then it popped up the regular dialog box to make a bug report. The display page was still resizing slowly in the background

Before I had time to fill the text in the program exited completely including the bug report box

The message was something about "Illegal floating point" in some QT library

Satisfaction mark by Pierre Fagrell 1 month ago

I just had the same thing happen again.

This time I could fill in the bug report and click send.

After that the bug report window disappeared. IQANdesign kept working but any display pages where just a static image that did not change.

After going to application code and then back to display pages I got this message:

Image 4362

Now, after closing this last window I got the message "bug report sent"


Thank you, I changed title to say "Crash when zooming in/out on in page editor".

Fixed in a 7.02.x update scheduled for release later this month. 

I have had a similar failure in 7.02, tried to drag an end point of a -New Line- to another position. 

Bug report popped up and was able to send a bug report 

and a while later IQANDesing was automattically closing after message: Bug report send