Function Group İnput Problem

HÜSEYİN 1 month ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 1 month ago 4

Even though IDC is public, it cannot be assigned as input to the function group.

Image 4379

Image 4380

if a channel is marked as 'public' it does not need to be a function group input in any function group in the application outside of the one it resides in- you can just select it from the list of available channels when you need to use it in your current function group in your application. it will be added within that function group but shown faintly rather than as normal to indicate it resides outside of that particular function group.

Image 4383

There is no list of available channel list as you se in the picture.  The problem already I asked.

When I type it in Qcode, it appears in the channel list, but the object list does not appear. For now, I decided to move forward with Qcode. Thanks your support.

In the printscreen where you had selected the category internal digital for the single object, I see there is an IQANdesign crash report. 

If you have that same error again, you can click "send error report". This would give our developers a chance to see what went wrong.