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Hi guys,

I have been working with a customer remotely using G11/12 and have encountered the following problem. Master module MD3 v 15 program designed in IQAN Design 5.08. Sent program update to the remote MD3 via G11/12 and remote module stopped with 'blue screen' and the following message:


Opening application

System started

The system has encountered a situation which could not resolve

The unit has entered a safe state for your protection.

Out of memory (heap). Reduce application size!

MD3 #312040107

Proc: OSP qui MainProcess

Code: 5.08.1-OOM0-000000000

Please write down the message  above and contact your local...

The unit would not restart. I was lucky I had another MD3 unit loaded with size reduced program and quickly sent to the customer. However I don't know what to do with the previous unit and what options I have.

Initial program statistics:

Image 4390

Image 4387

Any help will much appreciated

Kind regards,
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You are at 98% RAM usage (816/832) - that is too high.  Reduce it to the low 90's.

Will it load a different (smaller) program?  Or start in safe mode (hold left arrow key while starting the module).

Thanks Michael,

Do you mean right arrow key ? Will it load reduced size program in safe mode ?

Would IQANGo connect to the module with this blue screen ? Telling the truth haven't tried.

Cheers Richard