G3 Modem

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Hi, where is IQAN-G3 modem in IQAN-Design V4.02?

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IQAN-G3 will be added in 4.03. Meanwhile, you can use IQAN-G2 as it is compatible with IQAN-G3.

How can we extract GPS data from the G3 modem?

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I also have sort of the same question as Conrad... 

We need to use the GPS data to track average speeds on one of our machines (in an area with very limited to none cellular reception). So I do not want it to do anything more than only receive coordinates for tracking speeds that will be logged on a md4 display.

Can this be done?


You can get the G3 modem to send its variable 'Speed over ground' over J1939 to your IQAN system.

You can the use that variable in the IQAN system to keep track of your average speed.

To be able to configure the G3 you would need to download the Proemion cofigurator on https://proemion.com/

Is there any documentation available? does a PGN need to be configured on the G3, or something simillar? how does this work? We are also very interested in retreiving these kind of messages from the G3