Button Color change - after holding button down

Richard Martin 4 weeks ago in IQANdesign updated by I CAN GO 3 weeks ago 6

I am new to programming this stuff.  We have an existing program which needs a couple tweaks.  All the buttons seem to change color as expected when pressed (without a Lamp behind them).  We have a button which is used to save the settings by holding the button down for 5 seconds.  The text button has a lamp behind it which is visible when the button has been pushed.  I am wondering if there is a more straight forward method to have the button indicate it is pressed without the lamp image being behind it.  

The root problem is we need to change the color of the lamp.  The lamp is a custom shape (rectangular with rounded corners) it matches the text button shape.  We been unable to create a usable image which will import with the rounded corners.

Hi Richard,

I may not be understanding you correctly, but why not use to similar images of different colors for your button then have one color be up image and another color the down image? Please see the attached screenshot.

Image 4410

I don't seem to have the same options available.

Image 4412

I think what you have there is simply a custom text button. Use a custom button like the image below shows.

You could instead create a custom button by uploading an image of your text and having two different colors.

Image 4413

I was able to create an image to use as a lamp under the PRE buttons. I was hoping to change the text color to black (like the other buttons) when the lamp is turned on.

I was able to get all the other buttons to change text color, but the PRESET buttons don’t seem to have a way to change the text color.

Buttons none pressed:

On button pressed (Text turns Black)

Image 4414

Pre 1 button:

Lamp turns on but the text does not change to black

Additionally I am now unable to group the new Lamp with the rest of the items that make up the button.

Image 4415

Additionally I am unable to group the items associated with the PRESET buttons....I assume it has something to do with the new image for the Lamp located under the button.

As far as grouping, I think you have to ungroup the original group if I remember correctly, but I could be forgetting. 

Not sure what exactly you could be doing differently for the buttons that some work and others don't. 

Would you mind sharing a project file with just the buttons or something like that?

And, why wouldn't you use 2 different buttons and have a digital parameter channel define when whichever color button you want to be visible? You have limitless options then for what button you want to show.

Image 4416