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Language issue in 3.19 - with MD3

Aaron Wilkes 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated 8 years ago 3

I have added a French language option to an application and it will not change the internal IQAN menu’s/messages to French even though I have selected the fr-ca language code. It does change all our own translated messages. It does not seem to be an issue unique to this application since I tested adding a language to a blank program with only an MD3 and it also did not change to French. I was using and tried downloading from the divapps archive which did not make a difference. This happens with the Simulator and with an MD3.

Below are some screenshots from the blank program.

Image 364

Image 365

Menu after language change - still English

Image 366



Also the menu system texts have to be translated manually if you want multi-language in the menu system.

You find the option to make these texts multi-language under user interface, here:

The 'language code' option has a very limited effect on the application. What it does is that when connecting to the system with IQANrun, the IQANrun user can have a setting to use a primary and secondary language. If any of those languages are available in the application, it will switch over to that language when connecting IQANrun.