Best Method For Radio Remote Communication

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Hi Folks,

I was wondering if some of you IQAN gurus could share with me what the best method is for radio remote communication with an IQAN control system. I am looking at a project that we would like to use bluetooth remotes or something down that line for controlling L90 Valve sections.

I would like to hear from you all what works and what doesn't as I have never used a remote control on IQAN before.



There are a lot of radio system manufacturers that provide a matched transmitter and receiver.   Get a receiver that has a canbus output into IQAN, and you will be good to go.


Tele-radio for example has some models with a two-line display that can display data from IQAN via CANbus. This in combination with "shift-key" functions, arrows, +/- etc gives you a lot of functionality for a small remote.

Thanks guys, I think you have answered my question.


I recommend looking at radio remotes with J1939 as the CAN protocol. That is the easiest to implement in IQANdesign. 

For MC4xFS applications, J1939-76 is the best way of implementing safe CAN communication. 

The second best option for IQAN is radio remote controls with CANopen as the CAN interface. The interface to these can be implemented in IQANdesign using Generic CAN, but it requires a bit more knowledge. 

Avoid sourcing remote controls with "IQAN" as protocol options, those are still sold but for legacy systems. In the past, several manufacturers of radio remote controls implemented an old IQAN specific protocol as a protocol option. In IQANdevelop and IQANdesign versions 1-5, there was an expansion module named "XR" for these remote controls. This protocol did not support 2-way communication (many remote controls nowadays have displays), and it was also lacking the modern diagnostic features needed for functional safety.