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rrodriguezh111 3 weeks ago in IQANscript updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 2 weeks ago 3

When ever I call the variable name in a table "%TIME%" seems like I am bot getting the data when ever the script is running in IQANrun. Can someone tell me how can I get the variables to be read when running the script in IQANrun?

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In the printscreen, I see you have a channel variable. 

To measure the IQAN module time and display this as a text, first add a text variable

Image 4450

Then add a Measure action for reading the value from the system information channel, and a Set variable to assign the text representation of this to the text variable. 

Like this:

Image 4451

Gustav, I tried this looks like it is able to display it now, but it is not showing real time update, the variable just stays static.

Image 4452

To measure continuously on a page, you could just place the measure channel action on the page. 

A channel measurement placed on a page will present an updated value, as long as you stay on the page. 

The variable assignment action is only assigned when you get to that point in the script.