IQANanalyze 500k device

ksilovich 8 years ago in IQANanalyze updated 8 years ago 2

Is there a list of supported DLA devices for IQANanalyze?

My problem is I am trying to connect to a 500k CAN network.. The Vansco DLA is only supported of the 250k (or at least that is all I can get it to work on), so I need an adapter that will work with analyze and a 500k CAN systems. I have a Dearborne DPA5, but I cannot get IQAN to recognize it.

Any suggestions?


The USB-CAN interfaces from Kvaser, IXXAT and National Instruments support 500 kpbs.

The supported devices are listed here, it lists some specific models, but for example Kvaser has a lot more models that all use the same API and work with the IQAN tools :


Thank you, I did not see that post.