Pin Code Time and Date Entry V2.63 MD3

Marc Gregoire 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 8 years ago 3

Is there a method available to protect, via pin code access, changing the time and date entry via preference date/time display page in an MD3?

We have been experiencing issues with operators on one of our end-user sites with our mobile equipment. We have implemented a method of tracking the operator that is currently using the equipment via a terminal access key value being transmitted to the MD3 over J1939 bus and then capturing the data via event logs. The events are time/date stamped, works well. The new issue we are experiencing is that the operators are now manipulating the system time and date and I would like to inhibit them from being able to do so.

Hi, not a good solution, but an idea:

You could disable the menu-button based on a condition which is specified with an internal digital parameter.

But then the drivers won't have access to measure groups.

Adjustable values can be put on a display page.

Thanks Arno.

I still want to have access to the other display pages that are typically accessed through the menu button as we currently have various adjust groups, we also make use of the embedded language functions as well as the measure pages as they are ideal in providing remote tech support.


Arno's suggestion is the only possibility to prevent a user from changing the clock. There are currently no plans to introduce an access level on adjusting the clock, but I've stored your request for future consideration.

Worth to notice is that you can see when the clock was changed (and to what is was changed) in the system log.