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I have been working all morning on a sequential application and on doing a save - Iqandesign has completely frozen and eventually crashed windows!

Unfortunately I made the fatal error of not pressing the save button frequently enough and so the only live file on my machine is the one I started with at 8.30 this morning!!

There is a backup file which appears to be from just before the crash but when I try to open it Iqan is telling me that it was made by a previous version of Iqandesign 4

Is there any way of finding out which version and is it possible to download older versions - I can't find them on the parker website - only the latest version.

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I'm sorry to hear that you lost your work. Since IQANdesign froze while saving it sounds like there was an issue with accessing the file system. This could also explain why Windows crashed. If there was an issue with the file system Windows probably experienced the same issue.

The error message about the file being created in an older IQANdesign version should only be shown if the file is a really old 1.x version. If the file extension is ida4 or ids4 it is created with IQANdesign 4 and should not have any compatibility issue. The backup file is created by copying the existing file before saving. If the file system had problems it would not be possible to create the backup file either, so my guess is that the backup file is empty or corrupt. Just to be sure you could send the file to iqanbugreport@parker.com if you want us to take a closer look.

To get version information about a file, you can right click on a project file and select properties in windows explorer. The File info tab contains information about in which IQANdesign version it was saved. In this case I guess that it will not be able to show the information here either if the file is corrupted by the file system.

To answer your last question, older versions of the softwares are available on the bottom of our download page, if you should need them:


hanks for the info

The actual error message says

However it is saying that its a 4.02 version when you look at properties!

I will send it over in a bug report hopefully you will be able to do something?

The page that the link you gave me goes to the current version of Iqandesign 4 and that in turn gives a link to older versions of iqandesign 3 and 2 but I can't find anywhere links to earlier versions of iqandesign4?

Unfortunately the backup file is too big for email (27MB) - is there any other way I can get it to you?

Dropbox or retransfer or do you have some other preferred method?


I've examined the file you uploaded, and unfortunately it does not contain any information at all. It's filled with zeros only. This makes Anders theory even more plausible, there is most probably an issue with Windows file system.