Make a lever function of a slider control to create an onscreen joystick

Conrad Elektro 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 8 years ago 7

We would like to use slider controls on a display page functioning as a proportional lever. So when you adjust the slider on the screen the parameter changes. When you release the slider control it goes back to 0 or whatever you choose as reset value. This way we can make proportional joysticks on the screen.

My idea is to implement it asap! ;-)

And maybe also an potentiometer slider control!


one idea with memorizing.

Test this one on a real display, in the simulation the value goes back to zero as soon your don't move your finger.

Slider w. spring back.ids4

Hi Arno, thanks for your reply. The problem is that the parameter goes back to zero when i stop moving. I want it to go back to zero when i release my finger. When i'm holding my finger in place it should remain the value it was.

Sorry Arno, I read your comment wrong. I will test this on a real display! Will let you know

Hi, just tested it on a display.

It does not work. Some more tricks are needed here.

It's not working as i like indeed... So please implement this in the next version.

As you are writing that you want it to behave like a lever, do you really mean that you would control a machine movement directly from the touch display?!! Like one would do with a spring return lever such as IQAN-LST.

The MD4 touch should really only be used for adjustments and activation of functions that are not controlling movements. The graphics portion of an MD4 is not running with the same real-time performance as the application controlling part.