Linear or circular bar animation crash program

Tuomas 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Ulrik Zakariasson (Software development) 8 years ago 6

-Design latest version

-MD4-5 display

-When using linear or circular bar the program crash down

-Only fixing by removing these elements

I believe these elements animation cause this because when bar animation goes to end then program will crash. Can you disable animation from these elements?

Bug report (I send this report also from IQANDesign) says: "An unexpected error has occured (Invalid floating point operation)" This is happening also when moving Line element on screen -> when line goes top of other element.

Under review

Hi Tuomas,

It is IQANdesign that is crashing, not the MD4-5, right?

Haven´t been able to reproduce problem yet. Did you try deactivating run mode for display pages, see image below?

Also, what is your ticket number for the bug report you sent in?




Yes, IqanDesign was crashed..

I solved problem! When I deleted background line behind Info button, this error was gone.

Look the image

(I didn't got any ticket number for the bug report, should it be in my email because there isn't any?)

Now I got ticket number to my email:

Case 27735


Fixed in 4.01. Available for download since last month.