Customized IQANRun on IPad

Frank GUO 8 years ago in IQANrun updated by Arno Heeren 7 years ago 3

Is there any plan to have a customized IQANRun on iPad? Like the customized version on windows.


No, customization of IQANrun for iPad is not planned. There are other plans though for a specific app that can show display pages, similar to an IQAN display.

Hi Ulrik,

I have customers asking for IQANrun functions on the smartphone and/or customized layouts on tablets. Let's say like IQANscript like with different content on one page: Measured values, bar graphs, slider for adjustments, buttons switches. Is there any update to those plans.

That would be great if the app page can be designed in IQAN.