Loosing external reference when Grouping/moving Code

Jean-Marc Zanni 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 9 years ago 4
One of the most difficult or time consuming task is to keep our code organized has it evolves. I do not know about others but our code is evolving with time as we encounter new options and configuration for our hardware. Sometimes a modification starts with the addition of a few functions but after few month we end up with a real spaghetti very difficult to troubleshoot. Since often those modifications are done under the gun during commissioning it is not easy to know where it is going to go.
The biggest reason why it is difficult to re-organize a code after the fact are all the external references of the objects. If we decide to move them into a new or existing function group to help clean-up the code all those connections are lost and we need hours to re-create them. That is if we where smart enough to first identify them. More specifically I am referring to:
-Display object
-Adjust group
-Log object
-measuring object
It would be so much nicer if those connections could be kept.
I always get good support from your team. Can't wait to get version 4
Satisfaction mark by Jean-Marc Zanni 9 years ago
If you use drag and drop to move channels to another function group, the connections you list will be kept. Cut and paste will destroy them unfortunately.
Drag and Drop??? I tried. did not seem to work (V3.18) or I do not know how to use it.
- Created new function group,
- selected 3 elements. Mouse show multi select icon
- Moved over new item. Release mouse when over new empty function group. The objects moved on the current function group and did not get added to new function group.

Hi, you have to drop it into the function group in the property inspector: Green arrow, red arrow does not work.