Use application default value from a COUT in MAC

Conrad Elektro 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated 8 years ago 6


I like to use the application default value, 'max current', of a COUT in a math channel. Is this possible? I don't want to use integer parameters because you loose the standard adjustable menu of the COUT channel.

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Unfortunately no, this is not possible.

Then I would like to see this possibility in the next update. Is that possible?

I did add your comment to an existing feature request, but it is currently not planned for any release. The chances of having this implemented in the near future are very small.

That's to bad! Can you explain we why? It could be very useful for others as well! ;-)

I don't want to get into technical details, but this is more complex than it may seem. The original feature request is from 2007, and we've heard it from other users a couple more times over the years.

We're reviewing all open cases on a regular basis and prioritize based on several factors:
- criticality of the issue,
- the number of customers reporting the issue,
- the resources involved in making the change,
- strategic product direction.
As with most business decisions, we try to invest in those changes that can improve the product for the greatest number of users.

This case was last reviewed in March this year by our review board, and it was decided to be put on hold. Your input is now added to the case, which increases its chance of being implemented later on. Let's hope this topic gets votes from other forum users, that would also help of course!

Thank you for the explanation. I have to figure out a way around this...