Ability to change logic function block quickly by drop down box?

Kevin 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 3 years ago 6

Would it be possible to add an extra drop down box to easily switch the logic block type? When sending safety signals between modules, I often copy and paste the APP OUT into the new module so i know what names I have used as the property name. This saves time when switching back to the other module application to see what the names are.

It would be much easier if I could copy the APP OUT and simply change them all to APP IN rather than having to create new APP IN's and insert the names into each one?

Could have a drop down box on every logic block type to change to any type of function? whether it be I/O / calculation / misc / interface etc?

An alternative could be to have the "automatic value" on the Name property of the APPIN (like you have for e.g. the I/O) ?
Does this mean it will copy the name across from the app out to the app in once we link the input channel?
The APPIN does not have this feautre on the Name property, but I was thinking that it could be an easier way of solving the request.
Compare it with e.g. the automatic value on Name on e.g. an I/O channel, MDGN, display control or adjust item, where you have the little "chain" symbol to set if the Name should be linked to an automatic value.

I'm unable to get the automatic valve to change the name on the function blocks or I/O? Ideally it would be nice to be able to name an input as say slew central, then link an app out which automatically populates the name as the same as the digital input. Then when inserting a new app out we can just simply connect the input channel which would then carry the name across also.

Also its quite handy even if you drop the wrong function block into the application to be able to select a different function by simply clicking on a drop down box. Perhaps both solutions could make it easier to configure the software?
Under review
By clicking on the "broken chain link" symbol next to the name, your IO channels should be getting an automatic name.

Below an example with an MDGN:

For most I/O the automatic name is just a default, so you would most probably not benefit from using it on I/O. But for an APPOUT or APPIN; something like this could probably save some time.

The other idea is something we have also been cosidering, some sort of "Replace-function" in IQANdesign, to have a quick function to replace one channel with another without having to rearrange all references.


Automatic name on APPOUT /APPIN implemented in IQANdesign 6.06.