IQAN system communication with PLC over Ethernet or CAN

Dave Heiling 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Jos Lentfert 8 years ago 1

Has anyone had the need to communicate with Industrial PLC's? The Ethernet port would be the best way to do it if the MD4 could support Ethernet communications with the PLC. It is expensive to incorporate a CAN to Ethernet converter and also it adds another piece of hardware in teh system that you need to mount and support. Is there any plans to add Ethernet communication protocol to the MD4 (other than camera and PC communications?)

Along the same line, has anyone created an EDS document for the IQAN MD3 or MD4 that can be used to set up communications with the Alan Bradley PLC over CAN?


See also subject "Native CANOpen support "

We do not have EDS support for CANOpen in IQAN. Number of IQAN applications combined with Siemens S7 or other brand PLC's are running succesfully using Anybus Interface to CAN on IQA