Pin Code Channel with integer values

Arno Heeren 10 years ago in IQANdesign updated 10 years ago 3
in some situations when a connection with a PC or modem is not an option, customer need to give the driver/enduser access through the display to certain adjust, measure or log items.
To have a kind of restriction or limitation, it would be nice if this access could be limited in time.

If the Pin code channel would accept integer values, the Pin could be a function of the actual date or other values. So if someone calls in with a problem, the service engineer at the OEM can do some mental arithmetics. In case of a date based Pin-Code it will be void on the next day.

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Hi Arno,
There is a solution to this, you can use a TFC (text formatting channel) as the input to the PCC (Pin Code Channel).
The PCC accepts input of type Text, so the TFC is used to convert from Integer to Text.

There is an example of this that installs with IQANdesign,
\Documents\IQAN Files\Solution Library\PIN code variation.ida3
Ok, I tried it very similiar, but with only 3 digits. And that was not working.