md4 bilinear bar display

Zach 9 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Jean-Marc Zanni 9 years ago 5
I had some bilinear bars for reverse and forward on the MDL2 display.
Can't find them on the MD4 display.
Is there one?
Hi Zach,

What do you mean by bilinear bars? Is it the image bar-graph from MDL2/MD3 you mean?

With the MD4 supporting PNG transparancy, the best way to implement this on an MD4 is to use a bar graph in combination with a PNG image of the frame, that is transparent where the bar graph is showing.

A really nice example of how this is in the example files, where an entire background page with transparent cutouts is placed in front of the bargraphs.

With background hidden:

Those look sweet.
I mean a bar with 0 in the middle, 100 on an end, and -100 on the other end.
Are those button icons available to everyone somewhere? I would like those for sure!
Ok, something like this?

The trick I have used for this is to build it up with two bargraphs, one for the positive direction, and one for the negagative direction. Here, the range of each bargraph is positive or negative, and the colors are inverted.

Here is an example file for this:
MD4 joystick XY bargraph.ids3

About the MD4 demo pages in the previous post, they install with IQANdesign. I just posted a news topic on them, here:
Yes we use the same trick, but this means two separate object to maintain. It would be so much easier if this was a single object. We are often dealing with data that is symmetrical Speed/Torque/Current and every time we have to make two objects and remember the trick about reversing colors.

Thanks, I will try it.