Not able to flash program in MD3 Module

SANDEEP RAJAN 8 years ago in IQANdesign updated by Gustav Widén (System support) 8 years ago 6

Hello, I have used MD3 module and have also flashed my program in the kit as per standard process. But unfortunately today am not able to flash my program in to the MD3 module.

it says error - "No handshake reply from master module Unknown"

Can some one help me the solve this?

What communication interface are you using? If you are using CAN, try to disconnect and connect the CAN adapter from the computer.

Does the MD3 seem to start as it should? You can try to start it in "safe mode" by holding the back button on the MD3 while switching on power. This will start the MD3 without loading the application.


Am using USB Communication to interface.

It power up as it does normally. But when i start flashing the program the error appears at half loaded condition.

I will try to press the back button and let you know about safe mode.


Sandeep R

As a general comment on the usage of USB as diagnostic interface to MD3 and MC2 modules, my experience is that CAN is always the better choice. There is information about CAN interfaces that work with the IQAN software tools here: http://forum.iqan.se/topics/231-usb-to-can-interfaces/

For the IQAN-MD3, there has been a lot of historic problems with stability of the USB communication. Improvements to try to resolve these issues includes update both on the PC tool and on the embedded software, so ensure that you are using a recent version both in the MD3 and for the PC tool.

Your printscreen is showing that you are on IQANdesign 4, so that is good.

For the version that is currently in the MD3, you can see the version that is in the MD3 when it powers up. Of course, when the sending to the module fails consistently, that puts you in a bit of a catch 22, as it then becomes hard to upgrade the embedded software. Using CAN may then be the only solution.

The MD3 was redesigned with a better USB component, the MD3-M15, and from what I have seen, this version is better than the earlier MD3:s. But I would still recommend CAN as the first choice.

Hi, does anyone know why this "No handshake reply from master module..." pops up when i try to upgrade program version from V2.63 to V4.05? it works fine when i using v2.63 to up/download, but it doesn't work with neither IQAN V3 or V4.


There is a problem when using USB in IQANrun/IQANdesign version 4.04 or 4.05, when the master module contains version 2.x

More details here.

IQANrun 3 cannot be used to send an .ida4 file, so to use version 3 to make the upgrade, you would need to make an intermediate step upgrading to version 3.